« Lecturers without borders » received a grant from the Botnar Foundation

“Lecturers without borders” project, hosted at CRI since 2018, received in December 2019 the one-off grant provided by the Botnar Foundation.

  • History

“Lecturers without borders” project enables scientists to contribute to additional education by delivering free outreach lectures and seminars for children and adolescent students from low and middle-income countries around the world. Since 2018 LeWiBo coordinates scientists traveling around the globe to deliver seminars in local educational institutions. During the past year scientists of the LeWiBo network visited numerous countries with free lectures for high school and university students focusing on several countries in Asia (Indonesia, India, Nepal), Africa (Senegal, Tansania) and Europe, as well as collaborated with local educational associations in these countries.

“Lecturers without borders” was started in 2017 by four co-founders Liubov Tupikina (France, Russia), Mikhail Khotyakov (Germany), Athanasia Nikolau (Italy, Germany), Delphine-Clara Zemp (Germany, Indonesia, Greece).

Since 2018 “Lecturers without borders” was hosted at CRI (France) and since then interacted with researchers and students projects.

  • “Lecturers without borders”

“One of the main goals of our project is to facilitate exchange between different educational associations. We are grateful for interactions with incredible associations and scientists and we stress out that the main contribution comes from scientists who are making lectures in remote areas while traveling and associations and educational institutions, whom we are linking together.”

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Credit photos (left to the right) : ©Athanasia Nikolau, ©Benjamino Abis, ©Liubov Tupikina

  • Information about grant

The grant received from the Botnar foundation will be spent for the development of a solid digital framework to match schools and scientists all over the globe and to ensure better coordination and organisation of the lectures. As scientists routinely travel across the world to attend academic conferences and for research purposes, the lectures will be free for the schools and will not involve any further costs. It will bring enormous benefits for the schools and for youths around the world as a chance to meet and interact with scientists and ultimately to get motivation to continue their studies or even to get inspired to pursue a career in science.

Fondation Botnar is a philanthropic foundation based in Basel, Switzerland. The foundation was founded by Marcela Botnar, wife of businessman and philanthropist Octav Botnar, in 2003. It is one of the largest foundations in Switzerland. The foundation’s focus is on leveraging the latest technologies to improve the health and wellbeing of children and adolescents in low-and-middle-income countries.

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Credit photo : ©Thea Chrysostomou

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