Tomorrow Today: Letters from a Future in the Making

Our world is a very different place now than it was yesterday. It’s easy to remember a time before we all carried computers in our pockets, when Tesla referred to a person instead of a car company, when meetings started with a handshake instead of a mic check. It’s less easy—but more important—to imagine the ways our world will be different tomorrow.

What will the future bring?
It depends. Tomorrow could bring discovery. Will we embrace what’s new? Will we honor what’s timeless? Tomorrow could bring justice. Will we reckon with our past? Will we repair harms and correct inequity? Tomorrow could bring resilience. Will we approach uncertainty as learners, neighbors, and civic-minded communities?

One thing is certain: tomorrow will bring opportunities, and with them will come challenges. A bright and flourishing future won’t happen by accident. It requires a vision for what that future could be, a plan for getting there, and the courage to take bold steps together.

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