Survey: Embedding of sustainability teaching in courses


The project investigates avenues for embedding sustainability in conventional and non-specialized courses. It includes the use of a self-assessment matrix for faculty and the development of recommendations for teachers/lecturers.

Why Now?For many years, the academic community has been considering ways to integrate the challenges of sustainable development into higher education at all levels of the organization.

We believe that embedding sustainability in teaching must be applicable to any type of course, any learning style, any discipline, any type of program, and any type of educational institution.

Beyond the work done with certain committed teachers (or on courses dedicated to sustainable development), it is now time to support the whole faculty community to integrate the paradigm of sustainability into any “conventional” course.

To begin this project, we are asking for your participation in a survey to self-assess the embeddedness of sustainability in your teaching.

Please complete this survey before 16 November:

After the results are assessed, we hope you will accept our invitation to join a Working Group to help develop recommendations. We thank you for your time, and welcome your response and contributions.

For any questions please contact

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