Mois du Mentorat and the Mentor Impact Day

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For the past couple of years, mentoring has been growing and reaching more and more young people in France. Today, we count more than 22 000 mentors who support as many young people on their educational journey. Last year, the newly created French collective, Le Collectif Mentorat, implemented the Thank You Mentor Day in January. This year, during the International Mentoring Month, the Collective takes a step further by hosting the first « Assises du mentorat » as well as the Mentor Impact Day. The events both meet the Collective’s desire to promote and anchor mentoring as an accessible and supportive approach for vulnerable kids and students alike.

Le Collectif Mentorat, created a year and a half ago, already brings together 8 main actors of mentoring, and aims to facilitate the exchange of practices, the sharing of tools, the cross-referencing of impact studies and territorial development strategies and to make mentoring more known and accessible to youth at risk. Concretely, this « Mois du Mentorat » begins with a conference « Les Assises du Mentorat » which brings together 700 professionals and scholars to discuss the various aspects and impacts of mentoring, and ends on January 29th with the Mentor Impact Day more focused on an experiential approach of mentoring with mentors and mentees’ testimonials and experiences.

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