YouthxYouth Celebrates the Launch of #LearningPlanet’s Youth Empowerment Circle

Hear from Zineb Mouhyi, Co-Founder of YouthxYouth, a global movement catalysing local action circles, learning together in an international community hub and campaigning to reclaim agency in our learning.

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What is your vision of youth empowerment? Why is it important to create a Youth Empowerment circle today?

My vision for youth empowerment is a world where young people are responsible for their education and have the freedom to tailor their learning to their passions, curiosities, and interests. It is also a world where young people are actively involved in understanding and addressing the challenges of our time.
A Youth Empowerment circle has the potential to bring people and organizations that have been working on similar issues to coordinate their action and advocacy to multiply their collective impact. It is also important for sharing learning and good practices.

What should be the priorities of this circle, in your view?

In my view, the priorities of this circle should be:

  • Reflecting on what we believe in common and identify where we disagree
  • Sharing what we’ve learned with one another
  • Supporting each other with the challenges with are facing

What are some ideal outcomes of the circle?

Some great outcomes I imagine potentially coming out of this circle could be:

  • Concrete projects
  • A collective statement outlining our common beliefs and reasoning to share more broadly
  • Creation of a collective campaign/movement

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