Mobilizing Youths for Climate Action: innovation coaching in the Crowd4SDG programme

Citizen Science can be effective in contributing to the progress towards and the monitoring of the SDGs targets and indicators. At the same time, the 2030 Agenda repeatedly refers to children and young people as “critical agents of change”. Through the Crowd4SDG programme, Université de Paris, the Learning Planet Institute and their partners mobilize youths for climate action and will be present at the #LearningPlanet Festival for 2 sessions: a presentation on Monday January 24th at 10.30am CET and an interactive workshop with the participants who have been selected in the programme on Saturday January 29th at 1pm CET.

How to measure the differentiated impacts of disasters on women and men? How to assess women’s vulnerability to climate change effects on natural resources? How to improve data on women’s participation in environmental management? These are some of the questions that the participants who have been selected in the Crowd4SDG programme, and who were grouped into teams, are trying to find solutions by shaping good ideas into viable social innovation projects and prototypes.

This initiative follows a robust innovation cycle called GEAR (Gather, Evaluate, Accelerate, Refine) that started with an online selection and coaching of citizen-generated ideas on climate and gender issues in autumn 2021. The most promising projects are now accelerating during the on-going Challenge-Based Innovation Workshop by IdeaSquare at CERN.

Pitch on Monday January 24th from 10.30am to 12.00am CET

Crowd4SDG will be presented by the project coordinator of the programme, François Grey, during the “#LearningPlanet World Tour session”, hosted on the International Day of Education and that will gather the #LearningPlanet community partners from all parts of the world for a dynamic conversation about their work and activities happening during the Festival week.

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Workshop on Saturday January 29th from 1pm to 3pm CET

In this workshop “Mobilizing Youths for Climate Action: Citizen Science and Innovation in Monitoring and Achieving the SDGs”, the attendees will explore the GEAR Cycle, and hear from the transdisciplinary student teams, which made it up to now in the Crowd4SDG programme. They are now finetuning the implementation of their citizen science projects to tackle the SDGs in their local communities. This interactive workshop aims to gather the expertise of the attendees to explore ways in which youths can learn to become innovators for the SDGs, and opportunities for scaling up, and help the student teams to move their projects towards deployment.

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The Crowd4SDG consortium (UNIGE, CERN, CSIC, IIIA, Politecnico di Milano, UNITAR, Universite de Paris and Learning Planet Institute) promotes citizen science aimed at the SDGs, focusing on Climate Action. The goal of this EU funded project is to assess the usefulness of practical innovations developed by the teams, and research and investigate how AI applications can enhance and provide effective monitoring of SDG targets and indicators by citizens.

The #LearningPlanet Festival celebrates the International Day of Education, 24th January. For this third edition, the Festival features a rich programme of online and local activities from 22nd to 29th January 2022 and builds on the need to learn to take care of oneself, others and the planet through fostering a culture of hope, collective engagement and sustainability. The Festival unites a diverse community of passionate learners of all ages and countries – youth, teachers, educators, artists, scientists, social entrepreneurs, policymakers and more – to share ideas and experiences, showcase inspiring solutions, and feel empowered to come together around shared challenges.

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