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A global community of pioneers in the field of learning and sustainability

Launched in 2020 by Learning Planet Institute and UNESCO, #LearningPlanet is a global community of pioneers co-creating new ways of learning, teaching, researching and mobilising collective intelligence.

Why build a #LearningPlanet?

In a time of great uncertainty, increased by the pandemic and profound transitions, we urgently need new ways of learning, teaching, doing research and mobilizing collective intelligence.

This is why #LearningPlanet was born. Building on a rapidly growing diverse community, #LearningPlanet is a global open alliance of educational stakeholders and learning communities. Its mission is to inspire and empower learners of all ages to take care of oneself, others and the planet, and thus contribute to shaping better futures.

Since its creation in 2019, #LearningPlanet notably gave birth to the following programmes:

  • The #LearningPlanet Circles to collaborate around topical issues such as Learning for Sustainability, Youth Empowerment and Transitions across Education,
  • The prototyping and development by the Learning Planet Institute IT team of digital solutions, such as WeLearn and the #LP Projects platform to highlight good practices and foster open collaboration between the members of the community and, more globally, for all educational stakeholders,
  • The curation of noteworthy educational resources, and
  • The co-construction of the annual #LearningPlanet Festival, celebrating successes of the community through hundreds of hybrid events on the occasion of the International Day of Education.

A middleground for learning

It is a middleground for learning. #LearningPlanet connects institutions (governments, multilateral organisations, local authorities…) - the ‘upperground’ - with grassroots players and innovators (universities, NGOs youth movements, social entrepreneurs…) - who are ‘on the ground’ - to discuss, challenge, implement and scale up the most impactful ideas. Together, we co-design collaborative programmes to serve our shared goals, and progressively increase our local and global collective impact, in a way that no organisation alone could achieve.

Alumni & Friends
Alumni & Friends

The Learning Planet Institute’s unique environment, a blend passion, creativity and energy, results from the attitudes and impacts of its past and present community members. Every single Learning Planet Institute member is a source of abundant, interdisciplinary knowledge and experience, and the possibilities are endlessly rich for individuals networking within our broader community. Some fifty alumni, students and fellows form the advisory board that collaborates together to organise the alumni community. Among their first accomplishments together was building an advisory-board digital platform that optimises their internal organisation as well as their communications, namely with regard to current students.

  • 933 alumni
  • 51% of women - 49% of men
  • 36 nationalities
Our partners and patrons
Students clubs and association
Students clubs and association

Learning Planet Institute Clubs - Open up to the world

Our students are encouraged to broaden their horizons by taking part in campus life and activities through student clubs. Meeting with like-minded students to focus on a particular issue fosters new ideas, actions and common causes, and the creativity and passion that grow in these spaces make the Learning Planet Institute the unique learning environment that it is. There’s even a school policy in place to promote the creation of clubs because these are so beneficial for cultivating the Learning Planet Institute’s values of student initiative and engagement.

Our clubs are open to the public, even non-students. Many clubs are in fact associations hosted by the Learning Planet Institute whose members include Learning Planet Institute students. These student organisations enjoy exclusive access to the Learning Planet Institute’s logistical and financial resources as well as any equipment and manpower the school has to offer.

Valuing engagement

By joining clubs, students not only become invested and engaged in issues they’re passionate about, but clubs also provide a natural learning environment in which students can develop such practical skills as budgeting, event planning, working in groups and public speaking. The roles and responsibilities students take on in these clubs translate wholly to the classroom setting.

Taking part in community life

Another key benefit of student clubs is that they create a dynamic community. Clubs organise events that bring together students and staff, and within clubs are students from different programmes who can exchange ideas and build together. The very essence of the Learning Planet Institute’s mission of cross-pollination and interdisciplinarity is embodied in student clubs.

"They trusted me" - Jacques, Do It Green Club!

  • 22 clubs
  • 7 clubs have become associations
  • 50 events by year