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Our convictions

We are convinced that youth, lifelong learning and collective intelligence are our best levers for change in our societies.

The Institute’s mission is to explore, research and share new ways of learning and cooperating in order to respond to the needs of the youth and the planet. By encouraging and disseminating a culture, methods and tools for empowerment, it transforms organisations. Ultimately, it leads communities and supports “Learning Planetizens” to take care of themselves, the others and the planet. 

Based on interdisciplinarity, diversity and initiative, we develop:

  • Research programmes focusing on learning and collective intelligence
  • Teaching programmes to encourage and disseminate a culture, methods and tools
  • An international community of reference for those involved in educational transformation
©Quentin Chevrier

Our values

  • Promoting interdisciplinarity
  • Using collective intelligence
  • Cultivating and caring of oneself, others and the planet
  • Welcoming diversity
  • Cultivating enthusiasm and optimism
  • Fostering empowerment

Our design principles

Our action is based on six main principles

  • Learning by doing and through research
  • Building unique communities
  • Experimenting and sharing
  • Thinking outside the box
  • Redefining the rules of the game sustainably
  • Using digital innovation to disseminate



Rajeev_©Rajeev Mylapalli
"Education sciences, startups, learning sciences... it immediately appealed to me! And I don't regret it, I really feel at home here, it's a cosy nest with an intellectual community of excellence (...) At the Learning Planet Institute, there is no reason to fail. All we do is explore and learn."
Rajeev Mylapalli
FIRE Doctoral School student, researcher, engineer and entrepreneur


students per year; more than 50% of whom have an international profile
partner organisations in the International Alliance & 191 countries represented
alumni since 2006
children and 100 teachers involved, each year, in our youth projects, both in and out of school
in-house researchers
and more than 40 ongoing research projects
online participants in the 600 events of the LearningPlanet Festival 2023
unemployed people already supported by our inclusion projects; more than 2 000 talents are currently being supported
active users of our digital platforms