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Our convictions

We are convinced that education is a common response to the upheavals of our time. Yet, we have noticed a gap between learning as it is and the reality of our changing world. We believe that an interdisciplinary, collective, and inclusive education—one that is connected to research and technology—is the answer to these challenges. For all these reasons, since 2006, the Learning Planet Institute has been rethinking learning.

The Institute explores, researches and shares new ways of learning for learners of all ages: unemployed people, teachers, students, pupils from kindergarten to high school, researchers, sustainable project leaders, institutions, organisations… Our goal is to give people the skills, knowledge and tools to take part in projects with local and global impacts.

Supported by its main partners—the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation, the City of Paris, UNESCO, CY Cergy Paris University, Paris Cité University, Inserm and Paris Sciences & Lettres (PSL) University—the Learning Planet Institute is uniquely positioned at a crossroads between research, pedagogy and sustainable development.

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Our values

  • Making sustainable development one of our core priorities
  • Encouraging learning at all ages
  • Developing interdisciplinarity and collective intelligence
  • Fostering diversity 

Our missions

  • To transform education in a sustainable way, through the creation of unique programmes combining pedagogy, research, inclusion and sustainable development, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)
  • To implement these transformations in a holistic way, so as to have individual, territorial and international effects
  • To build programmes in concert with young people, so that their aspirations are at the heart of our concerns
  • To keep experimenting in order to remain creative, to think outside the box and to learn from both our successes and failures
  • To share our proven methods, in order to decompartmentalise and democratise knowledge
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" 'Education sciences’, ‘startups’, ‘learning sciences’... it immediately appealed to me! And I don't regret it, I really feel at home here, it's a cosy nest with an intellectual community of excellence."
Rajeev Mylapalli
Chercheur, ingénieur et entrepreneur


students per year; more than 50% of whom have an international profile
partner organisations in the International Alliance & 163 countries represented
alumni since 2006
children and 100 teachers currently involved in our youth projects, both in and out of school
in-house researchers
and more than 40 ongoing research projects
people attended the 500 events hosted by more than 700 speakers at the LearningPlanet Festival 2022
unemployed people already supported by our inclusion projects; more than 2 000 talents are currently being supported
active users of our digital platforms