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To give to the Learning Planet Institute means supporting a place that rethinks education so that it meets the needs of our time, by responding to the challenges of sustainability and inclusiveness, and by fostering creativity and entrepreneurship. It means building interdisciplinary training programmes tailored to each individual. It means providing digital tools and laboratories in order to learn through experimentation. Finally, it means joining an international network of tens of thousands of actors concerned with transforming education to build a common future.

As a private donor, your donation to the Learning Planet Institute has a concrete impact on the projects we carry out! By getting involved with us, you are supporting an organisation whose ambition is to rethink education at all ages of life, by breaking down barriers between disciplines and by training people capable of thinking outside the box, in order to meet the major challenges of our time. You can support a unique Parisian place and join an international network of committed actors. 

Every donation has an impact on our actions! If you live in France, by making a donation to the Learning Planet Institute before the 31st of December, you can benefit from a tax reduction of 66% of the amount of the donation (within the limit of 20% of the net taxable income). Thus, a donation of 100€ will cost you 34€, after tax deduction.
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How to donate
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From France

  • By cheque

You may send your cheque made out to the Learning Planet Institute
Learning Planet Institute
Equipe Mécénat
8bis, rue Charles V
75004 Paris

  • By bank transfer

To the account of the Learning Planet Institute, by specifying your NAME & 1st name in the transfer’s description

Société Générale Paris Rive Gauche (01678)
RIB : 30003 03496 00050001987 63
IBAN : FR76 3000 3034 9600 0500 0198 763

From abroad

The tax conditions depend on the country of residence.

Please contact the Sponsorship team for any information regarding your donations and possible tax deductions according to your country of residence.

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