International Alliance

An international and learning community

Created in 2019 by the Learning Planet Institute and UNESCO, the International Alliance is a global community of practice dedicated to the transformation of education and to the co-construction of a learning society. 

Throughout the year, the International Alliance team leads a network of multiple actors with a highlight – the LearningPlanet Festival – organised each year around International Education Day (24 January).

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The LearningPlanet

The LearningPlanet Alliance brings together diverse complementary actors (NGOs, public actors, cities and territories, schools and universities, social entrepreneurs, companies, students, youth movements, activists, artists…) committed to a common goal: to teach individuals how to “take care of themselves, the others and the planet”. 

Together, they share their knowledge, their pedagogical practices and their field experiences (creating new ways of learning, teaching, researching and mobilising collective intelligence), in order to better prepare individuals and organisations to understand and face, collectively, the challenges of our time. 

Read the press release UNESCO and CRI – Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires – sign a partnership agreement – March 2019 (in French)

Discover the interview with Ms Stefania Giannini, UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Education, at the launch of the LearningPlanet Festival in 2020

The LearningPlanet Circles

The LearningPlanet Circles bring together organisations committed to common causes. They are communities of practice dedicated to dialogue between stakeholders (institutions, educators, social entrepreneurs, citizens, young people, etc.), but also spaces for creating impact projects. Each circle is co-created with partners who are pioneers in their field.

The "Youth Empowerment" Circle

This Circle accompanies initiatives supporting young people engaged in the fields of education, rights, health and the environment. 

With Children in All Policies (CAP 2030), Catalyst 2030 , the City of Paris and Ashoka France

The "Teachers for the Planet" Circle

This Circle aims to increase the capacity of teachers and the education system to co-design a body of sustainability education pathways and resources in preparation for COP28. 

With the Aga Khan Foundation and Teach for All 

The "Ubuntu" Learning Circle

This Circle is a community of practice bringing together actors engaged in sustainability education in Africa. 

With the Club of Rome

The "Transitions in Higher Education" Circle

This Circle aims to reinvent higher education for the 21st century (interdisciplinary, inclusive, sustainable, local and regional impact oriented, etc.)

With the University Design Institute (ASU) at Arizona State University and Dartington Trust

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The LearningPlanet

The LearningPlanet Festival is organised each year for International Education Day (January 24) in partnership with UNESCO and hundreds of pioneering organisations in the fields of education, culture, science, social and environmental impact, as well as with thousands of students and young activists from around the world.

The hundreds of events, both on site and online, are opportunities to share ideas and projects in progress, to launch initiatives, and to meet the actors that are committed to adapting our learning models to the accelerated transitions of the 21st century.