Learning and
collective intelligence

Research projects between learning sciences and digital technology

At a crossroads between education and digital technologies, the Learning Planet Institute hosts research projects focused on learning methods and collective intelligence.

Discover some of our research teams 


Teachers as Researchers

To respond to the challenges of education, this programme promotes open collaborative research – inspired by participatory science –  between researchers and education professionals.

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Interaction Data Lab

This team studies and models collaborative learning and problem solving, using network science and data analysis, with the aim of developing tools to foster collective intelligence for social impact.


Formal Computational Socio-Politics

This research team works at the interface between sociology, machine learning and engineering, to better understand multidimensional polarisation in social networks.


MALIN (MAnuels scoLaires INclusifs / Inclusive School Manuals)

This project aims to support children with dyspraxia with an interdisciplinary approach combining medicine, pedagogy, cognitive psychology, human-computer interfaces, digital accessibility and intelligent system design.