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diversity and inclusivity

The Learning Planet Institute is committed to supporting and promoting awareness and the development of sustainable activities on its campus, as well as caring for the environment and the people who use it.

The challenges of making our activities sustainable are complex and interdependent. We are therefore carrying out actions for a more sustainable campus, which include studying and questioning our energy and material consumption, raising awareness of the ecological and social transition issues for all those who wish to do so, and maintaining a culture of sharing, listening and inclusiveness. 

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reduction in electricity consumption since 2019
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reduction in heating consumption since 2019
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An eco-friendly

Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility roadmap

We follow a Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility roadmap, which is transversal to the Learning Planet Institute’s activities and aims to provide concrete answers to environmental (management of polluting emissions, reduction of carbon footprint, etc.) and social (internal mobility, inclusion, etc.) issues.

Energy management 

The Learning Planet Institute campus was restored in 2018 according to the Paris Climate Plan (Plan Climat Paris), which defines building construction and design standards to limit greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Our energy, water and material resource consumption related to our activities, taking into account purchasing practices and externalities related to our operations (pollutant discharges and waste), are also continuously monitored. The objective is to study and question these consumptions according to our real needs and to identify solutions to move towards greater sobriety.

Responsible purchasing policy

The choice of providers and suppliers we use for our purchases and services is not neutral from an environmental and social perspective. Learning Planet Institute’s reflections on its impact do not stop at the impacts of its campus, but also feed the choice of the providers we work with. 

In order to improve our practices, the implementation of a responsible purchasing policy allows us to favor suppliers and service providers who are committed to reducing their negative impacts on the environment as well as improving the inclusiveness and equality criteria within their companies.

  • All furniture has been chosen from suppliers who work with environmental friendly products.
  • A large part of the computer equipment is second-hand and supplied by the company ECODAIR.
  • We work with the companies Cèdre and Moulinot for the collection, recycling and recovery of waste.
  • The maintenance of the building is ensured thanks to a partnership between ISOR and APAIS, which employs people with disabilities.

Inclusiveness and diversity

We work to nurture a culture of sharing, listening, caring and inclusiveness so that everyone feels confident to express themselves, lead projects and participate serenely in the Learning Planet Institute community.

Within our campus, several actions have been carried out since 2022 in order to raise awareness and identify issues specific to the Learning Planet Institute.

In addition, a project has been initiated to develop a prototype of an inclusion and diversity programme that can easily be adapted to other organisations (learn more about the activities of the Transformation of Organisations hub. This project is being conducted in collaboration with researchers from the Cité du Genre (City of Gender) and the Université Paris Cité’s Equality Mission.