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Power to learn, power to act

Our challenge? Developing the ability to act in the face of constant change requires us to inspire a vocation for learning.

Our range of training courses enables people to learn and adapt to the challenges of the 21st century, so that they can better engage in societal, environmental and digital transitions.

The Learning Planet Institute combines research, teaching and technology to help individuals, groups and organisations build a learning society for a more sustainable world.

As a training, R&D and consultancy centre, we explore a wide range of new ways in which organisations, committed citizens and education professionals can learn and adapt to meet the challenges of the future together.

All our training programmes are designed to draw on the experience of our interdisciplinary Masters and Doctoral Schools, our Research Unit on Learning for Transitions and our International Alliance of over 400 socio-economic and academic partners around the world.

As the world changes, come and build your future.

Discover our training programmes and become a player in a learning society.


"Adapting to a changing world"

In a complex and uncertain world, learning to learn, to collaborate and to mobilise collective intelligence are strategic levers.

Organisations need to rethink the way they manage: the fundamentals of governance, knowledge, processes, interactions and postures.

The aim of this training course is to engage employees and appeal to their aspirations, encouraging them to collaborate, experiment, learn from their mistakes and develop a shared culture that will enable to become a “learning organisation”.

Training delivered in French


"Lab to lead" : Competencies for new leaders

Lab to lead is an intensive training programme designed to support those taking up positions of responsibility in Higher Education and Research, through a peer-to-peer approach to skills and strategy in higher education.

Designed and run by the Learning Planet Institute teams as part of the Université Paris Cité‘s GovernU project, this training programme has been developed in collaboration with representatives of various Higher Education management teams in France and Europe.

Training delivered in French


"Bâtisseurs des Possibles"*: Experience the FIDS approach

* Builders of Possibilities

This course is aimed at Education and cultural mediation professionals wishing to apply the Design Thinking approach to the educational sphere.

Participants will be encouraged to analyse and adopt new professional approaches. They will discover practical, tried and tested tools for running a Bâtisseurs de Possibles project with young people, following the four stages of the FIDS process: Feel, Imagine, Do, Share.

Training delivered in French


Becoming a "Prof-Chercheurs" Community Leader

* Professors-Researchers

The Learning Planet Institute-Université Paris Cité are developing the Profs-Chercheurs programme, an open, collaborative research approach designed to help education players formulate their issues in the form of research questions.

In order to roll out the Profs-Chercheurs programme and ensure that as many people as possible benefit from it, this training course will teach you how to create, manage and run your own Profs-Chercheurs Community.

Training delivered in French


"On the air": The art of podcasting

The intimate sound of the podcast creates a privileged engagement between speaking and listening.

It’s a rich educational experience that combines an immersive experience with a call to action in an accessible, flexible format.

The course includes theory and practical exercises in groups, in the studio and in front of a camera. 

Experienced professionals provide personalised support.

Training delivered in French


"Loud and Clear": Public speaking

Do you dread public speaking? Do you have a voice you don’t like? 

Discover how to captivate, convince and influence with confidence, whether for pitches, presentations or public speaking.

The course includes theory and practical exercises in groups, in the studio and in front of a camera. 

Experienced professionals provide personalised support.

Training delivered in French