University degree in Innovative Scientific Mediation

A critical reflection on the communication of science and technology

The University Diploma (DU) Innovative Scientific Mediation is a continuing education programme, delivered by Université Paris Cité and hosted at the Learning Planet Institute.


Participants critically reflect on science and technology communication (STC), as well as on its role in participatory science, socio-technical controversies, open science, and responsible research and innovation.

This university degree also provides a toolkit for innovative and emerging science mediation schemes and introduces students to a wide network of STC professionals.


  • Applications take place in February and March.
  • The course runs from mid-April to Mid-June.
  • 119 hours of classes and workshops spread over 2 months
  • Evening training (schedule available on request)


Who can join this course?

  • People with an undergraduate degree (L3)
  • Teachers or students with a scientific background 
  • Professionals in science and/or in scientific culture, or wishing to work in scientific mediation 
  • Researchers who devote a significant part of their activity to scientific and technical communication
  • People looking for a job or a career change in the field of scientific mediation

To receive information on the current year course (calendar, detailed course programme, application form, fees), please contact the university degree programme.