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For over 15 years, the Learning Planet Institute has been a place for research.

In a world where the issues are complex and constantly changing, collaborating and pooling our efforts to understand and question together is more than ever a necessity.

The topics we are currently exploring

  • The learning organisation: the complexity and uncertainties of our world in transition require new ways of managing our organisations so that they can adapt quickly and develop their agility and capacity to continuously create their future. A learning organisation continually develops its capacity to create its future. This module has been designed to set this process in motion.
  • Participatory science in organisations: this research project is a continuation of the “Teachers as Researchers” project, which looks at participatory science in education. Following the same model, we are exploring the potential contribution of participatory science to the world of organisations.

How can you take part in this research effort?

  • You want to invest in research in these areas: one of the distinguishing features of research is its commitment to in-depth exploration. It is through research that knowledge is built up and that, collectively, we make progress. But it takes time and logistical and/or financial resources. If you would like to invest in a research project that is relevant to your issues, please contact us!
  • Would you like to carry out a study on these themes within your organisation? Are you wondering about the issues addressed by the Learning Planet Institute and would you like to gain a better understanding of what is really happening in your organisation? We offer field studies based on research tools to build a clear and precise vision of the dynamics underway.
  • Would you like us to help you set up a research project within your organisation? Do you want to set up a research project within your company but are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of this type of initiative? Thanks to our experience in the research field, we can help you structure your project.
  • Would you (just) like to be kept informed of our progress and events? Are you interested in the research themes addressed by the Learning Planet Institute, but don’t have a specific research project at the moment? Keep up to date with our progress and events.

R&D at the Learning Planet Institute

R&D is a fundamental and cross-disciplinary activity of the Institute. It feeds into and supports its four other main activities (Education, International Alliance, Digital Ecosystems and Transformation of Organisations).

The Learning Planet Institute encourages and deploys inclusive and open R&D: everyone is a potential researcher!

In partnership with CY Cergy Paris Université, the Learning Planet Institute is developing a research unit entitled Learning Transitions.

The aim of this initiative is to reinvent knowledge creation and transmission systems in order to contribute to societal transitions such as climate change, loss of biodiversity, migration, inequalities and advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Systemic analysis of transitions, engineering the transitions of individuals, communities and organisations, and transitions induced and/or facilitated by AI are at the heart of this approach.

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