We support you

We support organisations in their transformation so that they can adapt and become players in the transitions ahead.

Our areas of expertise

We help you to develop your ability to navigate in an uncertain world, to collaborate within a complex ecosystem and to “work together” in structures that are always on the move.

A few examples:

  • Unleashing the capacity for collaboration and learning within your organisation
  • Rethinking your knowledge management tools, methods and processes
  • Defining your Learning & Development strategy
  • Designing your corporate university
  • Rethink your approach to impact measurement
  • Compare your corporate strategy with your perception of the desired future


Our approach

Our support offer is built around four pillars that guide the structuring of our approach. These “irrevocables” stem from the history and values of Learning Planet Institute.

  • Creativity & Collective Intelligence: developing new and adapted participative approaches
  • Learning through research: gaining an in-depth understanding of the dynamics underway and measuring the value of ideas against their practical application
  • Open cooperation & Interdisciplinarity: bring to light issues and levers that are implicit, invisible, long-term or external to your organisation
  • Intention & Storytelling: providing hope and momentum right from the start of the movement

What makes our support unique?

Our culture

A shared, coherent, structured and systemic vision of the learning society.

Individual skills ranging from educational engineering to research, from project management to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) tools.

An innovative organisation reflecting our values of cooperation, collective intelligence, interdisciplinarity, learning by doing, empowerment and caring.

Our ecosystem

More than 300 partner organisations in over 160 countries as part of the International Alliance co-created in 2019 with UNESCO.

More than 2,000 alumni since 2006 and 350 students per year (more than 50% of whom are international).

High-level personalities involved in our development and governance, from the business, digital, higher education and research sectors, public institutions and non-governmental organisations.

Our digital tools

Because digital tools facilitate collective intelligence within organisations, the Learning Planet Institute’s Digital Ecosystems hub creates platforms that reflect the pedagogy advocated by and at the Institute.

The aim of these tools is to rethink and facilitate peer-to-peer learning and enable skills and initiatives to be shared more widely within organisations.

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Our campus

A 5,300m² building in the heart of Paris, designed to be as responsible and inclusive as possible, and to reflect and serve our business principles and values.

260m² dedicated to our MakerLab, a place for innovating frugal (reproducible and open) solutions to environmental and societal problems.

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