Transforming education for complexity: Why, What, and How

In partnership with Global Education Futures, Global Education Leaders Partnership (GELP) organized its 14th forum, GELP Moscow, which is considered pivotal in many regards by both organizations. The forum provided opportunities for intensive learning and collaboration between the international community of educational leaders, and the community of Russian / CIS educational leaders. As other events organized by GEF and GELP likewise, this event was largely based on participatory

The forum focused on the rise of the « Complex Person » and the emerging and future competencies required of all our young people to thrive in a complex and constantly changing global society.

GELP is one of the most powerful alliances of global education leaders, thought leaders and consultants committed to transforming learning systems to meet the needs of learners. The Partnership aims to radically transform education for the future, enhance process of collaboration and mutual learning between educational leaders, and to focus on education systems and system conditions. To do so, it has been organizing many conferences, sessions, and projects worldwide since 2009.

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