New Publication: MindLogger Platform

« Remote Digital Psychiatry for Mobile Mental Health Assessment and Therapy: MindLogger Platform Development Study » paper by CRI Researchers and colleagues is now out in Journal of Medical Internet Research.

Over the past several years CRI Researchers (Anirudh Krishnakumar, Kseniia Konishcheva, and Ariel Lindner) worked with a prominent and interdisciplinary group of clinicians, scientists and developers from Child Mind Institute, New York, to create the MindLogger Data Collection Platform and App (

MindLogger empowers citizens, researchers and communities to build their own personalized mobile apps (iOS & Android) for their projects in any discipline. It does not require any prior programming or design experience to use. Anyone can build and administer digital assessments and new activities on any topic, such as surveys, quizzes, diaries or cognitive tasks. Users can collect varied data (survey lists & tables, slider bars, audio, images, videos, etc.) in real time and from natural environments. MindLogger also has multiple language versions, the ability to set notifications/reminders and create questions with conditional logic.

Screen Shot 2021 11 25 at 14.31.08 New Publication: MindLogger Platform

Earlier this month the first publication on MindLogger appeared in Journal of Medical Internet Research. Researchers compared MindLogger to hundreds of similar products and found that only 10 met our primary requirements with 4 that support end-to-end encryption, 2 that enable restricted access to individual users’ data, 1 that provides open-source software, and none that satisfy all three. They also demonstrated the flexibility and applicability of the MindLogger platform through its deployment in a large-scale, longitudinal, mobile mental health study and by building a variety of other mental health–related applets.

Current efforts underway include transforming MindLogger into a Citizen Science Logger for use across disciplines, user scenarios and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (with ETH Library Lab and the Citizen Science Center Zurich),

Our researchers invite everyone to test the platform and look forward to exploring collaborative opportunities together!

Full text of the publication available here:

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