The stories behind the boxes!

On Thursday, 2.06, at the Learning Planet Institute, the event « Stories Behind the Boxes » took place. It aimed to present a summary of three months of the humanitarian aid project for Ukraine.

This project has been a collaboration of Plast – Ukrainian Scouts in France and the Learning Planet Institute. It was born out of a necessity to take action and help people in Ukraine that have been touched by the war.
The Learning Planet Institute has given its space to the volunteers and has become a humanitarian aid hub for three months. Within that time:

  • More than 100 volunteers joined the team.
  • More than 1000 donators and partners participated in the humanitarian aid collection and delivery to Ukraine.
  • More than 75 tons of aid (medical material, food, hygiene products, product for babies, equipment (sleeping bags, mats, power banks, etc.)) were sent to Ukraine.
  • 45 vehicles full of boxes with donations from the Learning Planet Institute reached over 20 destinations in Ukraine.
DSCF6964 The stories behind the boxes!
Photo Credit: Andrii Bulavka

This event was an occasion to show photos taken by two talented photographers and engaged volunteers – Andrii Bulavka and Hervé Champollion, that have followed our activity since the beginning of the engagement. This moment of solidarity was also an opportunity to conclude the humanitarian aid collection at the Learning Planet Institute and announce the transformation of their project to maintain sustainable help for the people of Ukraine.

The organizing team of the humanitarian aid project is immensely thankful to all of those that have participated in our activities: the community of the Learning Planet Institute, the volunteers, the donators, the partners and those that supported us with spreading the information and raising awareness about our work.
The project keeps going on, and you can follow their activities and discover the ways to help via Instagram: @paris_help_ukraine

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