Press Release – The Learning Planet Institute joins the LEGO Foundation’s initiative “Build a World of Play”

Along with BOOKR Kids, COPUBLICA, and Harper Collins, the Learning Planet Institute joins the LEGO Foundation’s initiative “Build a World of Play” to deliver the world’s first family-oriented social-emotional learning solution based on intergenerational storytelling for early childhood development.

Although families with children from 0 to 6 years are spending more time together, the digital age has meant that they speak less with each other than ever (Ortiz-Ospina, 2020). COVID-19 has had an additional negative impact on children’s social and emotional capacities. Yet the preschool years represent a critical time period for the development of basic social, emotional, and communication skills.

In response to this challenge, the Learning Planet Institute has joined forces with BOOKR Kids (Hungary), COPUBLICA  (Denmark) and Harper Collins (USA), to deliver a playful home-focused storytelling solution for social-emotional learning (SEL). This new solution will include digital and non-digital tools, community and family outreach, SEL expertise, and advocacy for SEL policies that will transform and impact the well-being and holistic development of children aged 0-6.

SEL CANVA IMAGES Press Release - The Learning Planet Institute joins the LEGO Foundation’s initiative “Build a World of Play”

An intergenerational transmission to learn from each other

At an early age, families can be the main vector of narratives. Through stories, families share emotions and social skills, such as building trust, cultivating norms, transferring tacit knowledge and generating emotional connections. As Leonora Dowley, Head of Partnerships at the Learning Planet Institute reminds us, « social-emotional learning is the key to early childhood development. »

Engaging family members as partners in the learning process will add greater meaning, especially in countries where nearly half of all pre-primary-age children are not enrolled in preschool (UNICEF). The proposed solution for SEL for families is a vital, complementary, and potentially preventive element for improving the well-being of children.

As an organization committed to learning, we believe in the power of social and emotional skills to build social and emotional intelligence. Sharing individual experiences will help children to learn from past generations and develop new ways of learning and thinking to tackle today’s challenges for a better future.

Influence and help governments to accelerate specific actions for SEL

The project will be deployed in five countries in five continents – Brazil, Hungary, Rwanda, Indonesia and the USA, representing thousands of local communities with very different pre-school SEL systems and strategies.

Furthermore, the consortium, helped by the #LearningPlanet Alliance, will engage with local ministries (education and family), local NGOs, and other stakeholders to fuel and support any existing social and/or educational programs for families.

Our partners

BOOKR Kids has extensive experience with storytelling technology for children. The company employs 36 dedicated storytelling specialists. BOOKR Kids is financially solid, partly owned by Móra, the largest publisher in Hungary, and CEO Dr. Dorka Horvath, PhD in Education.

Denmark-based COPUBLICA has implemented large-scale education-focused projects globally including in the target countries. By using a proven Whatsapp-powered digital tool, COPUBLICA can reach 50% of all families through their existing Whatsapp channels in the target countries.

HarperCollins Publishers is the world ́s second-largest consumer book publisher. With 200 years of history, HarperCollins publishes 10,000+ new books every year. HarperCollins authors include winners of the Nobel Prize. HarperCollins has SEL expertise and a large SEL-focused library for children, caretakers, and parents.

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