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Driving the change towards a sustainable future

The Paris University School of Interdisciplinary Research (EURIP, École Universitaire de Recherche Interdisciplinaire de Paris) Graduate School (Université Paris Cité / Learning Planet Institute) links basic and applied research for 21st century transitions in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

It brings together the Interdisciplinary Approaches to Research and Teaching (AIRE) Master’s degree and the Frontiers of Innovation in Research and Education (FIRE) Doctoral School. 

These interdisciplinary courses – based on collaborative learning and pedagogical innovation, as well as on scientific research methods – enable students to acquire practical knowledge and cross-cutting skills (communication, ethics, critical thinking, creativity, entrepreneurship). These are essential in the training of excellent multi-skilled students and researchers, so that they become capable of meeting the SDG.

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Master AIRE - Interdisciplinary Approaches to Research and Teaching

Hosted at the Learning Planet Institute, the Université Paris Cité AIRE Master’s Degree – two-year programme – is looking for students willing to access a training grounded in scientific research, in order to accelerate the transitions of the 21st-century related to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our interdisciplinary programme focuses on student-driven research-led projects combining deep theory and practice, collective design, international networking and exploring the unknown.

This innovative learning experience provides a strong emphasis on empowering students to become independent thinkers and agents of change, better equipped to address the complex and rapidly changing challenges we face at individual, collective and planetary levels.

Students will develop the capacities necessary to engage with these challenges such as agency, resilience and systems-thinking. They will acquire the tools to navigate uncharted waters through courses combining approaches to health sciences, exact and natural sciences, earth sciences, social sciences and the humanities (e.g. science of sustainability, data science and statistics, information science, project management, etc.)

We value a solid background (academic achievements and projects) in any discipline (e.g. with interests in  life sciences, learning sciences, and/or digital sciences) together with an analytical and creative mindset.

All further experiences (volunteering, business, entrepreneurial, artistic, etc.) are greatly appreciated and valued.

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FIRE Doctoral School - Frontiers of Innovation in Research and Education

FIRE is an international and interdisciplinary doctoral programme, accredited by Université Paris Cité (UPC), co-accredited by Université Paris Sciences et Lettres (PSL) and hosted on the Learning Planet Institute campus.

It welcomes doctoral students wishing to contribute to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, by exploring new disciplinary interfaces and using innovative methodologies.

The FIRE doctoral school welcomes research projects that cannot find a place in the usual laboratory doctoral school because of their unconventional nature.