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Studying at the Learning Planet Institute

With a mix between research and education, the Institute uses a pedagogy that places the students’ aspirations at the heart of their academic careers. 

We firmly believe that interdisciplinarity (the study of science, pedagogy and sustainable development) gives students the tools to act in a systemic way. 

They can build their knowledge in a concrete way, learning through research as well as through the implementation of sustainable projects.

From the undergraduate to the postgraduate level, students benefit from a stimulating environment, where they interact with researchers, changemakers and teachers from all over the world.

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R&D at the Learning Planet Institute

The Learning Planet Institute promotes and offers an inclusive and open R&D: everyone is a potential researcher! 

R&D is a fundamental, interdisciplinary activity. It fuels and supports the four other main activities of the Institute. 

In order to promote the transformation of learning—and thus to have a positive impact on the planet—the R&D hub uses research and technology to develop projects focusing on artificial intelligence, learning,collective intelligence, and frugal innovation. These projects are thought of and conducted according to their final purposes.

ELiS (Engaged Life Science) coordinates all the life sciences initiatives. It uses research, engineering and collective intelligence in order to better understand living matter and to face the global sustainable development challenges. The work carried out is hosted by the Unité Mixte de Recherche (UMR) U1284—a research unit of Inserm and Université Paris Cité—which will remain at the Learning Planet Institute until the end of 2024.

The Learning Planet Institute hosts and develops its teaching and research programmes in collaboration with

Working at the Learning Planet Institute

Located in the heart of Paris, the Learning Planet Institute is a place like no other. 

Joining our teams means becoming part of a stimulating universe, a community where researchers, students, teachers, changemakers and engineers from all over the world come together to commit to learning projects, both inside schools and universities and outside of them. These inclusive, technological projects all share a passion for education, research and sustainable development. 

The association is less interested in people’s skills than in their ability to be kind, curious and open-minded. “Atypical” profiles and multidisciplinary backgrounds are common at the Institute.

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