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To give to the Learning Planet Institute means supporting a place that rethinks education so that it meets the needs of our time, by responding to the challenges of sustainability and inclusiveness, and by fostering creativity and entrepreneurship. It means building interdisciplinary training programmes tailored to each individual. It means providing digital tools and laboratories in order to learn through experimentation. Finally, it means joining an international network of tens of thousands of actors concerned with transforming education to build a common future.

If you are a sponsor, a company or a foundation, depending on your strategy, your project, and your field of action, you can engage in different types of partnerships with us. Whether in the form of a sponsor or a patronage, through an institutional or an operational partnership, the Sponsorship team is at your disposal to build a common project.

By making a donation to the Learning Planet Institute, you have a concrete impact on the projects we carry out! Beyond their financial support, our partners help us to build an ambitious vision of education. By supporting our missions of general interest, you benefit from numerous tax advantages.

From France

A company can deduct 60% of the amount of its donation from its corporation tax. In accordance with the 2003 law—about sponsorships, associations and foundations—the amount of the tax reduction is capped at 0.5% of the turnover excluding tax, which can be carried forward for 5 tax years.

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If you live abroad, we invite you to make a donation from the online donation platform in France (you will not benefit from tax advantages) or to contact the Sponsorship team.

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Our patron

The Bettencourt Schueller Foundation, our patron, for its generosity and trust, and for the essential support it has brought us since our creation.

Discover the speech of Mrs Françoise Bettencourt Meyers, President of the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation, at the inauguration of our campus on 4 October 2018 (in French).


Our historical partners

Many thanks to the City of Paris and UNESCO, who support the development and ambitions of the Learning Planet Institute from local to global scale

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The Learning Planet Institute hosts and develops its teaching and research programmes with

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