Drivers for Change - Leading at the Edge: Navigating Uncharted Waters

A place-based catalyst programme for leaders

In partnership with Weave

Our habits of thinking, acting, working and leading have not prepared us to engage in complexity with grace, agility and imagination. We experience surprise, delays, unexpected complications, and unpredicted outcomes when we try to apply “business as usual” approaches, giving us a sense that we are unprepared. 

Leading at the Edge is a collaborative 5-day programme that is anything but “business as usual”.

This programme invites you to step out of your usual/normal ways of seeing and engaging, exposing you to a range of perceiving, framing and knowing. You will then step back into your world to tackle wicked problems with an expanded repertoire of ways to engage, understand and act.

DALL·E 2023 05 02 17.24.50 draw me an aerial view in watercolour of the place de la Bastille in Paris Drivers for Change - Leading at the Edge: Navigating Uncharted Waters
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We will combine practices from the arts, business, philosophy, ecology and climate science, along with models of deep collaboration we are prototyping. 

Over five days we will engage with the complexities of places through a short, intensive enquiry focusing on the area around the Learning Planet Institute. Together we will explore different ways of knowing that will reveal, challenge, and add to our habits of noticing, thinking, acting and collaborating. 

craiyon 180729 black and white aerial view of Paris 1 Drivers for Change - Leading at the Edge: Navigating Uncharted Waters
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Weave, a Learning Planet Institute partner of choice

Weave is an international learning network created to nurture systemic wisdom, exploring creative processes with leaders from diverse backgrounds to unearth and share new ideas on how we build a better world.

Weave is building partnerships with individuals and organisations interested in innovating collaboration across disciplines and/or organisations. 

In particular, Weave and the Learning Planet Institute are building an international network of aligned academic institutions to pilot new approaches.

Our common values

  • Sustainability
  • Co-construction
  • Learning to take care of oneself, others and the planet
  • Collaborative endeavour
  • Ethical action
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Leaders who are engaged with complex challenges and who want to be part of the vital shift to regenerative culture and who see business as a force for societal benefit.

  • Executives from large companies, small and medium enterprises, non-governmental organisations, non-profit organisations
  • Social Entrepreneurs, Senior Managers, Consultants
  • Mid-career training and retraining

Practical information

  • September 2023
  • Training delivered face-to-face and in English
  • At the Learning Planet Institute, 8 rue Charles V, 75004, Paris
  • Cost: 5 000 € / person

Partial or total exemption of fees may be provided to youth leaders and leaders in the nonprofit sector. Places are subject to availability. Please feel free to inquire.

Key concepts

  • Collaborative, hyper collaborative and open system methods
  • Openness, Peering, Sharing and acting globally: the attitudes of collective intelligence
  • Mapping methods for “seeing systems”
  • Intuitive and imaginative methods of perceiving and interpreting
  • Research method and knowledge creation

Learning outcomes

  • Address sustainability with deep comprehension and a broader vision
  • Imagine new postures to experiment in a turbulent context
  • Understand the principles of systemic approaches to complexity and uncertainty
  • Weaving different ways of knowing as a basis for meaning-making
  • Provide your organisation with accessible methods and tools to facilitate learning and collaboration

The team

The Learning Planet Institute, in partnership with Weave, has assembled a remarkable team composed of thought and practice leaders in research, instructional design, leadership development, learning, business, climate science, ecology and creativity. 



Direction of the Education hub at the Learning Planet Institute

Raphael COSTAMBEYS-KEMPCZYNSKI is a specialist in Cultural & Media Studies.

An entrepreneur, journalist and teacher-researcher, he created his first company at the age of 16, has held senior management positions in various higher education institutions for over 15 years, and runs a bilingual Master’s degree in Journalism at the Sorbonne Nouvelle.

Raphael led the construction of the Sorbonne Nouvelle campus at Place de la Nation, Paris, and wrote the Greater Paris policy roadmap to improve the quality of student life and, from 2015 to 2021, directed the Festival of Ideas Paris.


Co-Founder of Weave

Renowned as a thought leader, Alan BOLDON has led a wide range of organisations internationally including businesses and NGOs.

He has given keynotes around the world and developed strategy for towns, cities, Universities, major cultural organisations, NGOs and Governments.

He is also an artist and has exhibited work throughout Europe, USA and Asia.