The Schools

Urban and eco-responsible
challenges for schoolchildren

students have taken part in the project since 2019

The Schools Challenge mentoring programme aims at encouraging secondary school students in Seine-Saint-Denis to become more interested in the issues of sustainable development, science and technology. It helps them to take ownership of urban and local issues through project management.

Initiated by J.P. Morgan, with the support and expertise of the Learning Planet Institute, the programme is rooted in the world of business and engineering, and focuses on urban and eco-friendly challenges. For 6 months, with the help of their Learning Planet Institute and J.P. Morgan mentors, the students imagine and prototype their projects for a sustainable city. During 12 workshops, students and mentors give shape to their ideas, becoming increasingly involved and creative. 

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The Schools Challenge is present in 7 countries (UK, Italy, Germany, France, Brazil, Singapore, Hong Kong).

In France, the Learning Planet Institute’s Youth pedagogical team offers pedagogical support for this project and has been collaborating with J.P. Morgan for several years.

The MakerLab of the Learning Planet Institute is available to finalise the projects.

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Programme operated in France by the Learning Planet Institute pedagogical team and initiated by