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The Transformation of Organisations hub contributes to the evolution of educational systems and to the transformation of organisations, both public and private, into more efficient learning structures.

A learning organisation facilitates the learning and collaboration of its members, in order to better respond to its challenges. 

Based on its expertise, the Learning Planet Institute helps organisations to 

  • Create an environment conducive to individual and collective learning, fostering the development of major skills such as the sense of exploration, creativity, community, cooperation, reflexivity, and the appreciation of diverse perspectives and ideas
  • Redesign their systems and processes and help them change their culture, so as to achieve their goals

The Transformation of Organisations hub can intervene through consulting missions, training sessions, co-construction workshops, or thanks to the implementation of collaborative methods and tools.

Transformation des organisations Transformation of Organisations
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The Learning Planet Institute co-created the Institut des Défis (IDD, “the Institute of challenges”) in 2020, with Université Paris Cité, in order to design and explore new pedagogical devices based on inclusiveness.

The “Solutions for a sustainable world” course is an introduction to the challenges of sustainability and the solutions identified so far, existing or needing to be developed to meet them

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