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A pedagogy and mobile application for personal purpose exploration

Ikigai is a Japanese concept, generally interpreted as what gives your life meaning or life purpose, a methodology that has become very popular in the West over the last five years.

Since 2017, The Learning Planet Institute has run over 300 workshops based on the Ikigai methodology. Using the Meaning of Life Questionnaire (MLQ), our preliminary research showed a significant increase in participants’ sense of “’meaning/purpose”’ even after a single intervention, as well as increased participant’s life satisfaction after several interventions.

This research focused on the four inquiries generally associated with the Ikigai process.

What do you love?

What does the world need?

What are you good at?

What can you be paid for?

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people tested our Ikigai methodology in 300 workshops

Focus on the Ikigai pedagogy: Deepen your Ikigai and initiate change

workshop themes to choose from
  • Discover your Ikigai – Identify your purpose through an opening workshop exploring your strengths and passions, as well as the needs of your community.
  • Deepen your Ikigai – Choose from a catalogue of workshops tailored to your specific needs (building values, ideal team role, networking, thinking about the future, etc.)
  • Initiate change – Using Projects, our digital platform for managing and developing multi-disciplinary projects, follow up your Ikigai statement with concrete projects.
  1. An application designed to guide users through the Ikigai+ pedagogy, to help them identify their own Ikigai.
  2. A purpose-development programme for game changers to deepen their Ikigai and take action, based on a dynamic set of online workshops, enabling hundreds of people to explore their Ikigai together. 
  3. A two-day Ikigai retreat, for corporate and/or university teams, to align your values and strengths with your purpose and place what is most important to you at the center of your life and work.

Focus on the Ikigai+ mobile application

Ikigai+ is particularly dedicated to young game changers and people in transition.

In September 2023, the Ikigai+ pilot was tested successfully with 500 students and 10 teachers from CY Tech.

Our goal? To mobilise 40,000 students, from CY Cergy Paris Université and other universities, by 2026, so that they can identify their own Ikigai and professional vocation and take concrete action to help the planet.

  • Developed and hosted on the social platform Discord.
  • The Spark chatbot guides users through the Ikigai+ teaching method.
  • A blended learning environment that encourages sharing and connection between users (discussions, chats, audiovisual material).
  • Emotional exercises and science-based content.
  • Constantly evolving thanks to new scientific knowledge, advances in AI, A/B testing and user research. 
years of research to develop Ikigai+
beta testers of the Ikigai+ app in September 2023

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