Digital Ecosystems

Rethinking and facilitating learning through digital technology

As digital tools facilitate collective intelligence within organisations, the Learning Planet Institute’s Digital Ecosystems hub has created platforms that reflect the pedagogy advocated by and at the Institute. They enable users to rethink and encourage peer learning, allowing them to share their skills and initiatives. 

These tools and platforms foster the creation of communities of interest, the exchange of practices and means of action, as well as the collective management of projects, in order to give each and everyone the means to learn, research, and act together.

The Digital Ecosystems team is currently working on 2 digital platforms: the first – Projects – is focused on the management and development of multidisciplinary projects, the second – WeLearn – is based on artificial intelligence and knowledge sharing.

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The Projects
digital platform

Projects is a digital platform used to document, enhance and share all projects and skills within an educational community or organisation, whether private or public. It aims at facilitating the emergence of learning communities within academic institutions (universities, higher education institutions, research) as well as within public and private organisations.

active contributors
documented projects

The WeLearn

WeLearn is a digital platform (plugin and website) run by artificial intelligence algorithms that identify and map the knowledge that its users possess or wish to acquire. WeLearn targets the educational resources needed to build the users’ learning paths. 

The platform also provides the opportunity to join a learning community and be connected with mentors.

This tool is designed for individuals, schools, companies, organisations and institutions.

million learning resources