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Project-based teaching at your university level

Projects enables teachers to support project-based learning with a very reasonable investment of time. Students – from small classes to very large classes – can use it to showcase their projects and skills.

Our teaching team supports teachers and helps them to design their project-based courses. With a presentation of case studies already implemented in higher education and practical methods for implementing project-based teaching (as part of a project-based course or work placement), you can make the best possible use of the platform and provide the best possible support for your students and their projects.

Project-based learning

Skills-based approach

Peer learning

Overview of the many features of Projects

A detailed description of your projects: project participants/contributors can easily share their objectives, progress, potential difficulties encountered and successes, in a collaborative way and in real time
A map display: present your projects and their impact on a single map
Search made easy: easily find people, projects or teams
Collaborative publishing: work simultaneously on the same project with several other people
A skills portfolio: highlight the skills of each member of staff, researcher or student, both in terms of their academic knowledge and their cross-disciplinary or personal skills
Integrated monitoring of the Sustainable Development Goals, as defined by the United Nation
Progress notes: document each stage of your project (possibly reviewed by an external assessor)
Notifications: receive notifications by e-mail and on the platform of any changes to your projects and/or those you are following
Project templates: guide project documentation using editable templates
Display on your website: use our Grav modules to display your teams and flagship projects directly on your corporate website. The information updates automatically
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