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AI, collective intelligence and frugal innovation

In order to promote the transformation of learning—and thus to have a positive impact on the planet—the R&D hub uses research and technology to develop projects focusing on artificial intelligence, learning and collective intelligence, and frugal innovation. These projects are thought of and conducted according to their final purposes.

R&D is a fundamental, interdisciplinary activity. It fuels and supports the four other main activities of the Institute (Education, Digital Ecosystems, International Alliance and Transformation of Organisations). 

The Learning Planet Institute encourages and implements an inclusive and open R&D: everyone is a potential researcher.

Subtitles available in French and/or English; to be chosen in the YouTube settings of the video

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

WeLearn: a digital platform used to navigate learning resources.

Learning and collective intelligence

Research projects focused on learning methods and collective intelligence.

Frugal innovation

Prototyping and manufacturing reproducible and open solutions at the MakerLab.

ELiS (Engaged Life Science)

Initiatives that use research, engineering and collective intelligence to better understand living matter.

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