Become a learning organization

University, ministry, NGO, local authority, R&D consortium, company with a mission… Allow your employees to share their projects and know-how and facilitate collaboration between your teams.

Promote your community and your organisation

  • Showcase your projects
  • Interdisciplinary synergies involving all your staff
  • Valorisation of your competences and your members
  • Intelligent networking for a learning ecosystem
  • Collective emulation
  • Hosting in Europe, protected data


Functionalities designed to facilitate the horizontal sharing of information 

  • Simple and accessible project sharing for and by all your employees
  • Artificial Intelligence at your service 
  • Possibility to declare, value and develop the skills of your employees
  • Link each of your projects to structured objectives and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Facilitate the monitoring of exchanges and hybrid work
  • Provision of templates and resources to structure your documentation
  • Facilitation of categorisation and valorisation of projects to create interdisciplinary synergies between your teams
  • Geolocation of the project, its teams and its impacts, in order to create dynamics around particular areas/themes
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“We have chosen Projects to share the projects and skills of the 1,000 researchers and 100 public and private laboratories of the Bioconvergence initiative. Bringing such a complex group together requires the best collective and artificial intelligence tools”

Ariel Lindner, Director of the Bioconvergence pour la Santé project & Research Director in synthetic biology

Project-based learning scaled to your institution

A platform designed by and for learners

  • Project-based learning
  • Centralized documentation and monitoring of your projects
  • Networking of students and projects assisted by Artificial Intelligence for a learning ecosystem
  • Showcase the diversity of your projects for better capitalisation
  • Simplification of asynchronous work and delegation of mentoring to tutors
  • Better sharing and valorisation of your students’ work


Features for project-based learning

  • Collaborative project documentation
  • Customisable templates to guide your learners through their projects
  • Share and discover projects in an accessible and attractive way within a learner ecosystem
  • Educational continuity through notifications and feedback to tutors and mentors
  • Peer-to-peer learning in student projects
  • Articulate each project with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Valuation of your learners’ experiences and skills
  • Recommendation (projects, experts and mentors) through Artificial Intelligence

“Between before and after Projects, it’s night and day! (…) Motivating one and a half thousand students to collaborate on projects throughout the year with a professional visual follow-up is made possible with the Projects platform”

Tuyet Tram Dang Ngoc Projects

Tuyêt Trâm Dang Ngoc is a teacher-researcher in computer science at the ETIS laboratory at CY Cergy Paris Université, and is in charge of supporting pedagogical diversification at CY. 

She uses the Projects platform for a 3-year (bachelor’s degree) learning programme spread over 8 courses (Biology, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Geosciences, Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science).

This system brings together 1,600 students, divided into 250 interdisciplinary groups.

They already trust Projects

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