Learning Mornings

Every third Thursday of the month, from 8.45am to 10am, the Learning Planet Institute organises its Learning Mornings: a space for exchanges with partners from its ecosystem.

It’s a time to get together and talk with peers and researchers about the challenges of transition and how we can prepare for them.

Agenda & Themes

19 October 2023

Why become a learning organisation?

16 November 2023

Think of your workspaces as learning places

18 January 2024

Sustainability: how can we move towards a virtuous economic model?

8 February 2024

Generative Artificial Intelligence: understanding it and adapting to it

21 March 2024

Rethinking your training strategy in a time of transition

25 April 2024

Raison d’être: aligning your organisation

23 May 2024

The age of the sensitive, a time for poetry

26 September 2024

Strategy: measuring what counts

To be confirmed

Innovation, agility and commitment: the maker culture