Les Héros Discrets de l'Éducation

Hybrid & innovative training courses
for professionals in the field of animation and early childhood

The ambition of the project Les Héros Discrets de l’Éducation (“The Unsung Heroes of Education”) is to promote and support the true hidden heroes of education, the professionals in the fields of animation and early childhood, in their careers and professional projects.

Since 2021

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The project Les Héros Discrets de l’Éducation is a joint programme between Synergie Family and the Learning Planet Institute.

It is supported by the French state, as part of the “Adaptation and qualification of the workforce” programme, and through the IFPAI, a national component of the Plan d’investissement d’Avenir, operated by the Caisse des Dépôts (Banque des Territoires)

The Learning Planet Institute’s Youth pedagogical team brings its expertise in pedagogical innovation and involvement in order to help this professional community to develop their skills.

The scheme offers hybrid & innovative training programmes:

  • 6 training courses anchored in cognitive sciences and based on feedback from fieldwork
  • 600 hours of training with innovative, varied, hybrid and fun teaching methods
  • Face-to-face exchanges: game-based teaching, collective intelligence, theatre and improvisation, peer-to-peer exchanges
  • Individual online time: microlearning, interactive role-playing, video series and podcasts, micro-challenges, logbooks
"Before the training I didn't know anything about being a facilitator; now I feel more legitimate in my work"
"The messages spread in the training are obvious; it puts us in a good frame of mind, it motivates!"
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