Transformation of Organisations

For learning organisations

The Transformation of Organisations hub helps individuals, organisations and ecosystems to develop their capacity for action and adaptation in the face of current and future transitions.


  • We train you to understand the challenges and the methods for meeting them.
  • We support you in your transformation towards greater learning.
  • Finally, we search with you in a collaborative way to compare field experience and research, so that we can always identify the best practices for meeting your challenges in today’s complex environment.

Our convictions guide the way we do things and the way we work together. Learning through research, collective intelligence and interdisciplinarity are the three pillars that structure our approach. These principles of action stem from our history, as well as from our desire to help create a society where everyone takes care of themselves, others and the planet.

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Our offers

We train you...

… to learn continuously!

The transitions we are undergoing and the complexity of the challenges we face force us to find new ways of learning and working together.

We must constantly question the knowledge, skills and tools we use.

Through different pedagogical approaches, we explore subjects such as the learning organisation, systems thinking, peer-to-peer learning, generative Artificial Intelligence (AI), sustainability, etc.

We support you...

… in our own way!

Develop your ability to act and adapt to current and future transitions.

Co-construct your Learning & Development path.

Develop innovative and scalable learning systems.

Rethinking your impact measurement strategy.

So many ways of rethinking your corporate culture towards greater collaboration and adaptability.

We search, with you…

… to ask the right questions!

In a world where the issues are complex and constantly changing, we need to understand and ask questions together.

Would you like to take part in this research effort? Would you like us to help you set up systems within your organisation? Or keep up to date with our progress?

Our references


The Learning Planet Institute co-created the Institut des Défis (IDD, “the Institute of challenges”) in 2020, with Université Paris Cité, in order to design and explore new pedagogical devices.

The « Solutions for a sustainable world » course (in French) is an introduction to the challenges of sustainability and the solutions identified so far, existing or needing to be developed to meet them. 

Drivers for Change is a continuous learning programme for executives created by the Learning Planet Institute, ranging from short-term certification to professional Master’s and Doctoral degrees.

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