What if we rethought the Child's Rights?

1924 - 2024: centenary of the Child's Rights

In a rapidly changing educational context, we need to invent new, innovative, participative and inclusive ways of learning, to prepare new generations for the changes and transitions in society.

Best interests of the child, right to expression, right to education… The issue of children’s rights is at the heart of these discussions.



What if we rethought Child's Rights? What would they be?

To mark World Children’s Day, on 20 November and the Centenary of the Child’s Rights, the Learning Planet Institute’s Youth department launches an interview campaign.

The aim? To give a voice to children, teenagers and young adults, listen to their proposals and highlight personalities and initiatives, in France and around the world, in favour of the Child’s Rights.

Ariana Diarra, a seasoned dreamer

(in French)