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For private or public organisations

Make your community a better place to learn

Projects facilitates the emergence of learning ecosystems and the sharing of projects and skills between members of your community in an open, collaborative and secure way.

Share your employees’ projects and skills

Promote your community’s projects

Create synergies & interdisciplinarity


Overview of the many features of Projects

A detailed description of your projects: project participants/contributors can easily share their objectives, progress, potential difficulties encountered and successes, in a collaborative way and in real time
A map display: present your projects and their impact on a single map
Search made easy: easily find people, projects or teams
Collaborative publishing: work simultaneously on the same project with several other people
A skills portfolio: highlight the skills of each member of staff, researcher or student, both in terms of their academic knowledge and their cross-disciplinary or personal skills
Integrated monitoring of the Sustainable Development Goals, as defined by the United Nation
Progress notes: document each stage of your project (possibly reviewed by an external assessor)
Notifications: receive notifications by e-mail and on the platform of any changes to your projects and/or those you are following
Project templates: guide project documentation using editable templates
Display on your website: use our Grav modules to display your teams and flagship projects directly on your corporate website. The information updates automatically
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