Empowering Open and Responsible Research and Innovation in the EU

Researchers of the consortium PATTERN, an european initiative that promotes Open and Responsible Research and Innovation

The Learning Planet Institute and its partners* from the consortium of PATTERN – Piloting open and responsible Activities and Trainings Towards the Enhancement of Researchers Networks – are proud to announce the official start of this European initiative, funded by the European Union under the Horizon Europe research and Innovation programme.

PATTERN is a 42-months project whose overall aim is to promote the practice of Open and Responsible Research and Innovation (Open RRI) by developing and piloting training activities for researchers at all stages of their careers.

This project is therefore composed by 3 main main aspects: 

(1) Open Science (OS), an approach to the scientific process based on open cooperative work, tools and diffusing knowledge;  

(2) RRI, which seeks to engage the public in the research process to better align the goals and expected results of research with the needs of society;

(3) Developing and piloting training activities, which aim  at strengthening researchers’ transferable skills and embracing a transformative process to improve the relevance of the research conducted, as well as  developing their capacity to tackle societal challenges and hence improve the capacity within the European Research Area (ERA) in its interaction between science and society.


The structure of the project has the objective of taking into account the specificities of each organisation precluding the possibility of imposing Open RRI practices, starting from the Pilot Organisations involved in the project itself.

Eight main transferable skills, each covered by PATTERN Consortium partners, were identified in the context of Open RRI:

  • Open Access
  • FAIR data management
  • Citizen Science
  • Research Integrity
  • Gender, non-discrimination and inclusion in research
  • Dissemination and Exploitation of results
  • Science Communication 
  • Management and Leadership


PATTERN work plan consists of specific and interlinked activities, each of them implemented in the framework of a consistent methodology:

  • State of the art: consolidation of knowledge: mapping and comprehensive analysis of the state-of-the-art of learning opportunities for researchers on Open RRI.
  • Developing PATTERN training activities and platform: based on the above mentioned eight transferrable skills, training modules are developed and made accessible on a platform that will be developed for the project.
  • Testing PATTERN training modules: co-design and fine-tuning of PATTERN trainings with PATTERN Pilot Organisations to perfectly respond to the needs of end-users.
  • Evidence for policy development: in the light of the experience and knowledge gathered PATTERN will develop a set of policy recommendations addressing institutions responsible for researcher training.
  • Co-creation and co-design of interdisciplinary learning pathways and learning materials.
PATTERN KoM Rome Empowering Open and Responsible Research and Innovation in the EU
PATTERN kick-off meeting

An opportunity to explore some of the core ideas and tools that were developed at the Learning Planet Institute – Muki Haklay


Muki Haklay and Andrea Giraldo Sevilla from the R&D team as well as Eric Cherel from the Digital Ecosystem Team at the Institute will jointly work on this co-creation and co-design holding phase. Based on the mapping and the analysis activity that will be done by Aarhus Universitet, the team will produce a novel Competency Framework for Researchers on Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), develop interdisciplinary and transversal learning paths, and coordinate the development of training materials. The Digital Ecosystem Team will deliver a training and discovery platform (Projects) that will enable learners to easily access and make use of those materials in the long-term and will provide a cross-platform AI-recommendation system (WeLearn) that will be linked to OpenAIRE OpenPlato’s platform in order to create a unified Digital Ecosystem for PATTERN. 

Specifically, their aim will be to: i) develop a Competency Framework for Responsible Research and Innovation and the PATTERN semi-formal new curriculum; ii) design and co-create training materials; ii) develop learning objectives and learning paths; iii) design and implement PATTERN training platform; iv) formulate a sustainability plan for PATTERN trainings outputs.

Muki Haklay, who is involved in the coordination and citizen science training element of PATTERN, noted that “PATTERN provides an opportunity to explore some of the core ideas and tools that were developed at the Learning Planet Institute with researchers across Europe, and using them to develop open science and responsible research and innovation practices further.” 


PATTERN is a 3,5-year-project led by the Agenzia per la Promozione della Ricerca Europea and composed of 14 partners* and 5 affiliated entities from 13 countries with deep knowledge and experience of Open and Responsible Research and Innovation practices in their everyday lives which will guarantee the widest possible adoption and tailoring of PATTERN trainings according to the real needs of research funding and research performing organisations.

PATTERN Consortium Empowering Open and Responsible Research and Innovation in the EU

*Partners of PATTERN: Agenzia per la Promozione della Ricerca Europea, Aarhus Universitet, Globaz S.A., Fondation Européenne de la Science, Zentrum fur Soziale Innovation GmbH, Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati di trieste, Learning Planet Institute, OpenAIRE AMKE, European Association of Research Managers and Administrators, Universita Vita-Salute San Raffaele, Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen, Ruder Boskovic Institute, Stichting Scilink, Universidade do Minho

More information: 


The PATTERN project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Framework Programme for Research and Innovation under grant agreement No. 101094416.

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