The story of IKIGAI+ : the purpose development program for young gamechangers!

Introducing IKIGAI+, a brand-new purpose development programme for game changers. The programme’s aim is to discover your purpose, align it with your passions and skills, and put it into action in your communities.

IKIGAI, a Japanese concept enriched with Western perspectives, offers a compelling approach to a purpose-driven life. It interweaves  « Iki » symbolising life, with « Gai », denoting value in action, transcending mere passions to embrace what truly invigorates you and lets you make a meaningful impact in the world.

Since 2020, the LearningPlanet Alliance, powered by the Learning Planet Institute and UNESCO, nurtures a community of over 500 LearningPlanet Youth Fellows. These young gamechangers, passionate about transformative actions, were invited this summer to embark on the inaugural journey of our programme. The aim? To discover and embed their purpose in tandem with their passions and skills in their respective communities.

“I’ve recentered my priorities and was reminded of my strengths, notably as a coach and storyteller. This programme offers the opportunity to gain deeper insight into what’s crucial to you, understand your strengths, and determine the path you might want to follow.” – Jonas Søvik, Denmark

ikigai The story of IKIGAI+ : the purpose development program for young gamechangers!

About the Ikigai+ Programme

The programme’s design helps participants discover their life’s purpose and align their passions with the needs of the world. Lastly, the programme’s aim is to develop the skills and mindset to create positive change in their lives and communities. 

In this pioneering cohort, 130 Youth Fellows across six continents and 42 countries embarked on an IKIGAI journey. Over 8 weeks and 10 online sessions, they navigated through the IKIGAI journey’s three pivotal stages. These stages are: discovering, deepening, and connecting their IKIGAIs with the broader community.

  • Chapter 1: Discover Your IKIGAI – Begins with self-discovery, exploring passions, talents, and what brings joy. Participants crafted their initial IKIGAI statements, laying the groundwork for understanding their motivations and strengths.
  • Chapter 2: Deepen Your Understanding – Engages participants in eight diverse workshops, exploring aspects of self-growth and purpose. They reflect on global and local needs, and how their purpose aligns with the world. Moreover, they identified personal strengths, aligned actions with values, and envisioned life paths reflecting their IKIGAI. Each workshop was designed to deepen their understanding and provide practical skills for personal and professional development.
  • Chapter 3: Connect Your IKIGAI with the Community – In the final chapter, participants applied their IKIGAI to their communities. This involved action and inspiration, implementing their purpose, and sharing their journey. The programme culminated in a celebration of personal growth and collective achievements.

“I gained a clearer understanding of myself, my skills, values, passions, and roles. Simultaneously, I identified areas that I’d like to improve” – Reem Najjar, France

“I feel I’ve become more self conscious and confident in achieving my dreams. More than just discovering what I want to do, I’ve come to understand who I am as a person, a team member, a friend, and a group leader.” – Oda Holzknecht, Germany 

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However, the story doesn’t end here. It’s time to put these IKIGAIs into action!

Based on feedback and co-design sessions with Youth Fellows, the LearningPlanet team is finalising Chapter 4 of the IKIGAI+ journey: “Take Action”. This includes three workshops and a pitching session, designed to delve into creating actionable steps to integrate the IKIGAI statement into life!

“Recognising my strengths, I’ll now use my Ikigai statement to ensure my interactions, endeavours, and ideas are intentional and aligned” – Pearl 

Stay tuned for the news and featured events during the LearningPlanet Festival 2024! 


Article first published on the Alliance website

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